Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Revenge (follow up on OKCupid misogyny)

Revenge...oh sweet revenge.

Google Reverse Image search can, sometimes, lend a helping hand to those victimized by OKCupid culture of misogynist hatred (Linkedin, Facebook and other sites being an extra information you get your base info down)

On OKCupid site, women are, simply, a target--having no control over who can view their profile and contact them spewing harassment--their profiles are out there, for a stream of bottom feeders to curl whatever filth at them.

But well...imagine the face of one of these, when they realize the woman they bothered had found out their real name, the place of employment and all...and hint about getting in touch with state police.

Their mind conjuring the picture of cops dragging them out in handcuffs. A ruined life due to criminal history (stalking is a felony in a few places out there, just a reminder). Puplic exposure. This ain't lookin' good. Keep in mind and keep away from those who doesn't want any contact from you.

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